WONDERCHEF Kapoor Super Tandoor Standard Size Grill




  • ADJUSTABLE SLOPE: This electric tandoor comes with adjustable slope which you can control to decide how much oil to use and retain in any dish. The excess oil is drained via the slope.
  • OPENS 180 DEGRESS: can use both sides of this electric tandoor for certain preparations like daal-tikki and certain uses like re-heating pizza without making it soggy. It has a heating coil on both the sides which allows you to cook on both sides at the same time by opening it 180 degree. Now grill patties & buns simultaneously!
  • 10-step thermostat: for precision cooking-low heat to very high, Adjustable Temperature. The in-built thermostat control system regulates the flow of heat within the appliance to maintain the correct temperature and avoid over- heating.
  • LED INDICATOR: Allow yourself to cook with ease as the LED indicators offer you a choice to grill food lightly or brown it further. Red color indicates dark browning and green color indicates light browning. Choose from the two and enjoy your food.

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